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    Dr Pinto De Rosario Mansion Goa:

    Dr. Pinto De Rosario Mansion lying between Panjim and Mapusa is in Porvorim. The mansion is filled with Indo-Portuguese furniture, European and Chinese wares. There are rare pieces of cut glass, blue china and ivory. All these things piled up in sideboards and cupboards are yet to be categorized and dated. However what surprises one is the quality and quantity in which these items are present. There is an exquisite Italian flooring in the parlour and the love chair in the mansion is supposed to be 200 years old. The tapestry placed above the intricately carved sofa carriers the replica of Rembrandt's Night Watch.

    Siolim House Goa:

    Siolim House Goa

    While restoring Siolim House, Varun Sood, its owner, has plucked back the bygone era and brought it to the present. As a heritage hotel, the place has a delightful, old- world charm. This crumbling manor in Siolim was built in 1680 and restored in 1995, thanks to the enterprising Sood, He was only 26 when he set about tracing its owners. He spent a year going through its old documents and another two-and-a- half years going on a recce of Portuguese homes. Siolim Houses lost magnificence was then restored.

    The manor, with its striking yellow colour and large olive windows, has beautiful gardens and an old well. Through the foyer, on the left is a passage that leads to the living room with antique chairs, beautiful side tables, an unusual teak cupboard and Queen Ann rocking chairs. A sandalwood box, belonging to the Kadamba period, occupies pride of place.

    An enchanting courtyard, flanked by large white columns, has rooms on all sides. An open dining area, situated in the courtyard, has insignia- marked wrought iron gates opening to a garden and swimming pool. You can sit in the garden and eat some scrumptious home-cooked delicacies. Each bedroom has gilt and bronze-edged beds with silken fabric. Frescoes outline the walls, with some rooms having 18th-century bidriwork.
    Bathrooms, with marble and wooden flooring, have a colonial style bathing.

    Solar dos Colaços Mansion Goa:

    Solar dos Colaços Mansion Goa

    “Solar dos Colaços” is a unique baroque-style riverside mansion on the bank of the river Mandovi. It is situated between Old Goa and Pangim in the village of Ribandar, with spectacular views of the islands of Chorão and Divar, and the historical churches of Old Goa.
    The house belongs to the Colaço family, originally from the island of Divar and consists of two wings which occupies a total space of 810 sq metres. Construction of the West wing was started in 1730 by João Colaço and was completed in 1745 by his son Nazário Colaço. It became the permanent residence of the Colaços in 1759 when an epidemic hit Old Goa and the capital was shifted to Pangim. It is in this part of the house that the family dining hall and the private chapel ( the “Oratório”) are located. The East Wing of the house was added in 1825 by José Bernardo Colaço. It features a ballroom and a minstrel gallery (the “coreto”).
    José Bernardo’s grandson, Nazário Colaço II had the title of “Fidalgo Cavalheiro” (a nobleman) conferred on him by the King on 4th January 1890 . This is reflected in the name of the house - “Solar”, which in Portuguese, means the residence of a nobleman. Nazário was naturally gifted in wood carving and much of his work can be seen around the house.
    As in olden times, the family still uses the dining hall as the main living area of the house. Alongside the long dining table which seats about 30 people, one finds an interesting item of furniture – a sideboard which has panels depicting scenes from the Hindu epic, the “Ramayana”. It is the only piece of furniture of its kind in Goa in a Christian home, and one which shows that perhaps despite the Inquisition the family retained its link with their Hindu origins.
    The origin of the statue of the Madonna and the Child in the family’s private chapel is one of the legends of the house. It is said to have been brought to the house by José Bernardo Colaço.

    He found himself struggling for life in the waters off the coast of Aguada, after t he ship on which he was sailing back to Goa from Diu had capsized. He was experiencing great difficulty in trying to keep afloat, when he caught sight of the statue and clung to it. Jose Bernardo was rescued and as a token of gratitude for having survived, started a tradition of having prayers (the Rosary and a “ladaínha”) said in the house, annually, from the 1st to the 15th of August. A tradition that lives on…

    Menezes Braganza Mansion Goa:

    Menezes Braganza Mansion Goa

    The Menezes Braganza Pereira house is located at the Chandor village in Goa. It is known to be more than 350 years old and is situated near the church square in Chandor. This mansion is the most exquisite heritage house in the countryside, the biggest in Goa and also has a Portuguese style facade. It is a museum of chandeliers, painting, porcelain, crystal, period furniture and other antique items.

    According to family history, in the 17th century A.F.S. Braganza Pereira was representing Goa under the Portuguese government as a vice consul general in Spain. He was gifted the land by the king of Portugal, Don Luiz on which the mansion is now located. Later after a few generations, the house was divided into two equal halves as it was inherited by two sisters in the family. It was named after their husbands - Menezes Branganza (west wing) and Braganza Pereira (East wing) and is still inhabited by descendants of the two families.

    The Portuguese style outer facade that gives entry to both wings of the mansion with 24 windows is the longest in Goa. The house made up of laterite has a garden with mosaic seats, tables and fountains. A nail of St. Francis Xavier is held by the Petite Chapel that is still used in the Braganza Periera House. Two chairs bearing the coat of arms gifted by the Portuguese king are there in the huge ballroom.

    There is no entry fee and tourists can visit the house any day between 9 am to 5 pm. For the maintenance of this palatial heritage mansion, there is a small box where you can leave some money at your discretion.

    The Salvador Da Costa Mansion Goa:

    The Salvador Da Costa Mansion Goa

    Built in the late 19th century, this house is situated near the church square of Loutolim Village and is presently occupied by Senhora Costa Dias, The verandah at the entrance is pastel-painted, which lends an air of elegance to the house. Its stained-glass windows and family photographs help you trace the lineage of the family. What captures the attention is the sanctum that is open for prayers at noon.

    The house has beautiful mosaic floors, an intricately carved four-poster bed in the master bedroom, Cantonese porcelain, embellished tabletops and rosewood chest of drawers.

    Tip: You must contact the owner in advance either through your hotel or the tourist office in order to see the house.


    Quinta De Halicarnassus Goa:

    Quinta De Halicarnassus Goa

    Quinta de Halicarnassus looks impressive and has a stunning façade. Complementing the exterior of the manor is its beautiful interior. The owner, Jenepher Bramble, an Englishwoman, has imbibed both Goan and Portuguese influences and this is reflected in the manor.

    Initially, Jenepher visited Goa as a tour operator and decided to make it her home along with her two brothers. One of them, Roger Bramble, has even restored a 17th-century chapel opposite the house. Architect Leonel D’Costa gave their ideas a concrete shape, thus creating a Goan house with a skylight in the centre of large white columns. Sunlight pours into the house from the skylight. There is a verandah, running around the house, that overlooks the landscaped garden and pool. A stay in this manor will keep you close to the sea but give you the privacy you desire. Kiran Patki and Paolo Baccherini, Faenza have added their distinct touch to the house.

    The manor defies conventional building norms. The verandah has white mosaic but a colourful border relieves the tedium of sameness. An antique, nail-studded door opens to an old Confessional from a South Goa church. At the entrance, under the staircase, is an old Goan window with mother-of- pearl shutters. Jenepher’s house is full of pieces that she picked up from Rome. The courting seat, chaise lounges, wooden boxes — mostly in mahogany or inlaid wood - add an old-world charm that is reinforced with 19th-century China, family photographs and hand - painted ceramic dishes. Jenepher has also bought select items from Goa, Cochin and Ahmedabad. An oval dining table, side tables, a revolving bookcase, desks and cupboards are among the many eye-catching items. A bronze urli from Kerala filled with water and flowers adds a delightful Indian touch.

    Across the living room are three rooms while to the right is Jenepher’s room which has an unusual apricot colour. A large king-size bed has a wrought iron headboard that has the family crest painted on a plaque. Jenepher is a connoisseur of art, music and fashion. There are innumerable paintings - ‘a few dating back to the 19th century,’ she adds. There are also paintings by Sanjay Bhattacharya, Yeshwant Sherwadkar, Shyam joshi and artists like Max Kreijn, Dutch Peter Thomson and Michael Harrison. A bronze sculpted matador by Spaniard Pablo Lozzano and creations by Arthur Ashby are on display.

    The kitchen, with its green tiles and cheery yellow cabinets, give a homely touch to the house. The food is delicious, with Jenepher’s cooks pitching in their best.

    A fascinating feature is a pool, shaped like a teardrop. As the manor is close to the Coco Beach, you can walk down there.
    Stay options: The house is for rent from mid-December to mid-January and over Easter. It may be available at other times, on request.


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