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    "Casa De Morgado" ( Guest House) - Goa

    "Casa de Morgado"is Located in Cortalim South Goa.

    "Casa de Morgado" will help you travel back in time and experience the quality of a unique blend of hospitality of the bygone and the present.

    "Casa de Morgado"
    , have opened up the doors to anyone who wants to savors the REAL feeling of living with a Goan family in a historical village, with the courtesies and hospitable traditional home could offer.


    "Casa De Morgado" ( Guest House) - Goa"Casa de Morgado"Goa - Facilities & Amenities :

    •Doctor on call
    •Travel assistance

    Will consist of Eggs with (any one of the following) Ham, Bacon, cocktail sausages. Omelette, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs (any one) along with bread or toast. Cheese and toast or cornflakes with milk.

    The family lunch begins with soup and then goes on to the main course of bread and a side dish and salad, rice and curry, a vegetable (fish, chicken, mutton, farm pork or beef) any one of the bracketed item for the day. The dessert consists of fresh fruits / jelly / custard / caramel or any one of the Goan sweets.

    They always have a change in the night. They start with a soup, chappatis or bread, a vegetable dish, a fish dish or any one meat dish. (rice and curry and something fried if preferred by some). Fresh fruits are always eaten in the night after meals.


    "Casa de Morgado" Goa Accommodation ::

      They can only offer three rooms within the home where the family also resides as they have done over the past 400 years
    The guest who lives with them will share in the actual lifestyle of the family and be an integral part of it.
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